Chatri Wala International has been a leading shipchandlers since 1994. We supply quality food and non-food products, also Engine Deck, Cabin, Electrical, Refrigeration and all other ship related services also arrange workshop chipping Painting and ship Repairs to ship- came Pakistan from all over the world. Over the years we have built up vast experience in dealing with the specific complexities of the shipchandling business.

Speed is of quintessential importance in the shipping world as lead times become increasingly shorter. Chatri Wala International leading-edge information and communication technology with sophisticated Business Process Engineering and innovative logistics. We guarantee unfailing and prompt delivery: our client's ship need not be delayed.

Chatri Wala International supplies an extensive range of food items (dry, frozen or refrigerated), meat, tobacco products and non-alcoholic beverages. We hold customs licenses available and arrange for export subsidies to be claimed where applicable. This allows all forms of transit and re-exports trade on all over the world and enables us to provide our customers with highly competitive prices.

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